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Incredible India

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

From Chennai in Tamil Nadu to Kochi in Kerala 23 January - 6 February 2018

The voyage was simply enjoyable!  First, the people, then the colors, the animation in the streets, the food, Marsala tea, etc. All this eliminated the mess you find in the streets, the garbage laying on the side of the roads etc.  A billion plus inhabitants in this gigantic country , what to expect?! India is luxuriant in the south with temples, as well as animal, flower and spice parks and reserves. An incredible greenery,  oceans, waterways, salt ponds and decadent architecture the Indians not always kept in shape!

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Online Journal:

We were 14 artists/journalists or "carnetists" in French with two companions including our highly knowledgeable Alain Marc artist/instructor/leader. This group received little instruction as we were all independent in our own way of journaling and also dissipated in streets among lots of admirers, drawing and painting around temples, markets, beaches etc so not easy for an instructor to be constantly present. The goal of this journaling trip was to create, apply to paper special scene of interest, and add captions!  Twice we did an hour recap with all the journals laying down for critique at the hotel, compared and picked ideas of presenting from each other!  We, the artists were on our own with a minimum palette, tools and journal!  Observing, choosing a subject or people that would reflect what touched us most, extremes as in architecture, costumes,, symbolism typical to Hinduism, or any other religion respected in India!

The tour was an eye opener on a civilisation we read about, yet know nothing until we TOUCH it with our finger tips!  The beauty emanated from the incredible smile and ease of communication the South Indian people have from children to women and men!  I was never alone drawing or painting sitting in the field of the temples or in the markets. People came along and asked to take their pics and took many of us painting together with them. We must be in all India Facebook pages!

The same kindness and welcome was experienced at hotels, walking in villages, looking through our window from the bus, salutations signals were received from passerby's and returned their signals , of course! Incredible India is a fitting description. And by the way, you can dress as you please.  Keep your scarf to enter churches, and temples and protect yourself from the sun.  Always PACK LIGHT as it is difficult to resist buying something from the numerous vendors  or while visiting the exquisite stores with fine cotton and silks. In resume: travel with an open eye, à receiving heart and accept the surprises of the day!  Don’t expect anything or think you know something.   Life has many facets to enliven your day!  Whatever happens will be something to remember and talk about and record in our journals.

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