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Moroccan fantasias

After immersing myself in the rich culture and history of Morocco, I became captivated by the vibrant energy and spirited essence of Tbourida. This traditional Moroccan performance, often witnessed during cultural festivals and celebrations, showcases the incredible skills of horsemen as they execute synchronized maneuvers at high speeds. The thunderous sound of hooves and the dynamic movement of the horses and riders create a visually stunning spectacle. It's a celebration of heritage and horsemanship that resonates deeply with Morocco's past, yet vibrantly lives in the present. In my artistic representation, I aimed to capture not only the physical beauty and prowess of the horses and riders but also the underlying spirit of unity and pride that Tbourida embodies.

My creative process involved delving into various classical art styles, blending them with my own contemporary approach. I incorporated rich, earthy tones and dynamic brushstrokes to evoke the movement and energy of the Tbourida. Each piece in the series highlights different aspects of the performance - from the intricate attire of the horsemen to the majestic postures of the horses. The use of light and shadow plays a significant role in my work, adding depth and drama to the scenes. These artworks are not just a representation of a cultural event; they are a homage to the timeless beauty of Moroccan tradition, reimagined through the lens of modern artistry. My goal was to bring the essence of Tbourida to life on canvas, allowing the viewer to feel the excitement and passion of this magnificent spectacle.

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